Friday, September 16, 2011

Contest Central

If I blog about awesome contests, would you enter them? It's free to enter, so why not? There are two in particular that I am super crazy about. The first is a contest for a Hazelaid brand Amber teething necklace. Just read this mommy's post about how awesome they are, if you don't believe me. And by commenting on  her post, you are entered to win a gift certificate to buy your own teething necklace!

The second giveaway I'm suuuper stoked about is by cotton babies cloth diapers. They are coming out with 3 new colors, 2 new prints, and 2 new styles of diaper! I know my favorite colors are "Mirror" and the print "Albert", but I'm having a hard time deciding which I love more, the new Flip training pants, or the Freetime All-in-one diaper! Anyhow, if you want to enter that contest, just comment on their blog! Here's the link:

One other site that does constant and amazing giveaways: Teething Bling on facebook. They have super awesome teething necklaces that mommy wears and baby can chew on. If you like them on facebook, they are constantly giving away stuff, whether it's their necklaces or other wonderful baby products, or even gift cards to Staples or Walmart. My "jade" pendant is absolutely mine and my daughter's favorite necklace for me to wear!

As mommies, it's hard to be able to afford cool stuff for our kids all the time, so I hope that someone I know can benefit from this info! Love to you all!

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