Thursday, April 14, 2011

I HATE SPIT-UP (but I love my daughter!)

(but I love my daughter!)

by Shelley Clem

I played games with you
I held you in the air
It was a mistake:
Spit-up’s in my hair

Then I try to look
For just any dry spot
To wipe up the wet
With this cloth—but there’s not

So I put you down
In your fun Jumperoo;
When I turned around,
You spit-up there, too

(And you can’t conceive
How hard it must be
To scrub out it’s every
Darn nook and cranny)

I searched for a rag
They’re all in the wash
I guess I’ll use one
Of your diapers, by gosh

I’m at my wit’s end,
Will this ever stop?
What’s that crusted mess
On my foot? Spit-up glop.

Your Daddy comes home
For his break from work
He holds you and watches
Spit-up go berserk

We want to go out,
I’m dressed really cute
And then you spit up
All over my boot

I tell you I’m done
With this mess; I am through!
But give me one smile,
Oh my girl, I love you!

No matter the spit-up
If it rains and pours,
When cleaning your mess
Has me down on all fours,

When Daddy's work shirts
Are all dirtied by you
And none of my clothing
Is left without goo

When I change five times
Just to head out the door
When I have to give up
On mopping the floor

When you have nothing
That's not in the wash,
Burpcloths, bibs, or socks
or that outfit so posh

All it takes to know
You’re worth doing this for
Is hugs, kisses, smiles
Just for me. Nothing more.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review: Bella Bottoms and Wonder Wrap

I decided that since I am such an avid cloth diaper user, I want to post reviews of the cloth diapers we try, whether we begged, borrowed, or bought them. I will rate them on A. Comfort, B. Convenience, C. Quality, D. Size/Bulkiness, and E. Ability to retain...well, you know...just Ability to Retain. Oh yeah, and F. Price.

First up, Bella Bottoms! This is a fitted diaper (i.e. no pins, but still needs a waterproof cover).

I borrowed 3 of these from my sister-in-law (along with a whole bunch of other kinds) and was first of all struck by how pretty they are. There were 2 tie-dyed ones and a cute printed one, and they just look appealing somehow. Here's Naomi holding the purple tie-dyed one (sorry my wiggle-worm is blurry!):

N holding a Bella Bottoms

You can see it has a row of snaps to snap down the front and make the rise shorter, and also to snap the side tabs across the front to hold the diaper on.

N wearing Bella Bottoms

You can see that the tabs have the option to cross over each other, which to me, is rare in a snapping diaper. I really like that, because it cinches the waist a bit smaller on my tyke, who, despite her thighs being chunky-monkey, still has a slim-ish waist.

I rate the Bella Bottoms thus:
A. Comfort: ***** This diaper is the only fitted I've tried so far that hasn't left red marks on her. I also left one on her without a cover around the house to let her little bottom have some "breathing" time. I could feel when it was time for a change because the outside was damp, but she didn't leave a puddle behind, so that was a plus!
B. Convenience: ***** For a fitted, you can't get any easier. Snap on, snap off, dump in pail.
C. Quality: ***** I found this to be a very high-quality item, not cheap-looking or feeling at all.
D. Size/Bulkiness: *** This diaper, though the size fit well, was still a bit bulky, especially when we put a cover over it! I believe it's also supposed to be a one-size diaper, but there is NO way it would fit a baby smaller than about 13 lbs! N weighs about 15 3/4 lbs, and the waist at the second to smallest setting fits her now.
E. Ability to Retain: **** It seems to do well with wet, but with it wicking through the Wonder Wrap cover, I'm not so sure it would hold poop too well.
F. Price: **** This diaper runs about $12, so not ridiculous, but not cheap either, esp for a fitted which still requires a cover.

Now, this diaper by itself isn't waterproof, so we tried a new cover with it (also a loan from Sarah). It is a Wonder Wrap, and snaps or un-snaps to 4 different sizes. I found it quite large (possibly due to the Bella Bottoms underneath), and not entirely waterproof.

N wearing a Wonder Wrap over Bella Bottoms

So, the Wonder Wrap cover is supposedly versatile, fitting 9-35 lbs with 4 different size adjustments (as opposed to Flip's 3). But with Naomi wearing it on the size M (out of S, M, L and XL), the cover was just too bulky. It barely fit under her pants, and then her pants were very tight. This could be because there was a fitted diaper under it instead of a prefold, but I really doubt it would have made a difference.

I rate the Wonder Wrap as follows:
A. Comfort: **** It seemed ok, but not ideal.
B. Convenience: *** I wrestled with it a bit to get it on her as the size was so huge.
C. Quality: **** I felt like it was a decent quality, especially as I am trying this one used.
D. Size/Bulkiness: ** WAY too bulky to be useful in the smaller sizes.
E. Ability to Retain: ** The wetness wicked through to where the outside of the wrap felt a bit damp, but her clothes weren't wet.
F. Price: **** This cover costs about $15 new. For a one-size cover, the price is reasonable.

In Summary, I rate them as follows: 

Bella Bottoms: 4 stars
Wonder Wrap: 3 stars