Friday, May 6, 2011

Felt Flowers

I saw some cute felt flowers for sale at Joann's and thought, "I could make those!" So I bought some felt, and using scissors, needle and thread, and some beads I had on-hand, I made these:

Felt Garden

The two on the right haven't been sewn or glued yet. Of the 9 finished ones, I have pansies (bottom row), edelweiss (top left and center left), a daisy (center), a rosette (center right), a dogwood blossom (top right) and a random large white flower that was my first attempt. The edelweiss is probably my favorite.

Close-up of Edelweiss

I actually turned the smaller edelweiss into a non-slip hair bow for Naomi, by hot-gluing on the "teeth" part from a zip-top baggie. It works really well--stays in MUCH better than her velcro ones and her "real" clip ones, since she just has baby hair now.

Close-up of the zip-top baggie "barrette"

I'll try to post a pic of her wearing it in her hair so you can see how it looks. Ciao for now!