Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alliterative Allegations Against Adiposity

Oh blog, my blog, how I've neglected you, humble blog!

So I had a victory this week: fitting back into a pair of pre-pregnancy pants. The largest ones I own. They were tight, and I muffin-topped all over the place, requiring my pregnancy belly band to hold my fat down and not look as ridiculous. My next goal: to fit into my nice jeans by the time we have our birth class reunion, which is just over a month away. So now comes the task of shedding those pesky post-pregnancy pounds. I'd throw in a few more "p" adjectives if I wouldn't annoy the heck out of everyone. Oh, what the hey, here they are: petrifying, putrefying, paralytic, presumptuous, (but never perfect!) pounds!!


To shed some light (or pounds?) on the subject, I've decided to start the "Couch to 5k" program I've been hearing so much about. Now, I'm not exactly starting from "couch", so I started my workout at week 3 instead of week 1. Not gonna lie, the workout kicked my butt. Not like "pass out on the floor" or "go puke" kicked my butt, but still. I'm sweaty and tired, yet somehow, energized.

I still have 10 pounds to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight, and another 15 after that to my likely optimal weight. But we're taking one step at a time.

I also just want to throw this out: There's nothing like watching "The Biggest Loser" to inspire one to lose a large baby's worth of weight. Those people lose as much in ONE WEEK as I have left to my pre-pregnancy weight! However, I typically find myself watching it while eating junk food! Heh. I feel a tiny bit guilty for those 2 Reese's mini peanut butter cups I ate earlier today. Sigh. I'm not perfect. And I won't be, this side of heaven anyway. In the meantime, Lord help me!

Losing weight is a victory to me! Still, since my 4 loyal followers probably are bored by now, I promise I'll have something more pleasant to blog about next time.

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  1. Thinking about starting up C25K myself. I've dropped all of the weight I gained while pregnant, but I had some extra before!
    In addition to some more exercise I also need a way to distract myself from all the snacking! *Sigh*